This article will introduce you to Hirakata T-SITE. A famous bookstore located in Hirakata, Osaka. Inside the facility is filled with bookshelves which is famous to many tourists for taking pictures! Also, it is now a new tourist spot for everyone! Now, we would like to further introduce why Hirakata T-SITE is a must place to visit!


HIRAKATA T-SITE is a commercial complex located in Hirakata, Osaka.  There are 8 floors and 1 underground floor. Starting from TSUTAYA (a famous local bookstore in Japan), there are also supermarkets, restaurants, famous foreign food shops (such as Taiwan’s famous Tapioca), cafes, apparel shops, book shops, banks and all sorts of amusement inside. There is also a second building(annex). On the 3rd floor is the famous TSUTAYA bookshop where all the walls are filled with bookshelves and so much variety of books can be found. You can buy the books but you can also read some for free inside and enjoy the outstanding view from an this all glass wall building.


The bookshelf of TSUTAYA Bookstore is a true masterpiece with a stairwell enabling people to reach to the top. Because the ceiling is so high but is still filled with books up to the top, it gives a very unique yet amazing vibe, making visitors feel like they are inside a movie.

Most tourists who visit this amazing place comes for the bookshelf rather than buying the books, which made it a new tourist spot in Osaka!

Other Facilities Are Also Made to Perfection!

Inside the HIRAKATA T-SITE, there are facilities other than Camera Kitamura (Camera Shop) ,Starbucks Coffee and various types of Banks. On the second floor is another TSUTAYA shop where you can rent or buy books! They also have Analog Records which are hard to get in hand these days for visitors to enjoy!!

Facility Information

  • Hirakata T-site HP
  • Address : 573-0032 Osakafu Hirakatashi Okahigashicho12-2
  • Phone Number : 072-861-5700
  • Business Hours : 7:00 – 25:00 (Irregular)
  • Parking : None (Coin Parking Available nearby)
  • Access : Keihan Railway “Hirakatashi Station”