「Doll Festival 雛祭り」is a Traditional Japanese Event to wish girls a healthy long life. This tradition is still an important event to Japanese and is natural to celebrate every year. In this article, we would like to increase readers knowledge about the 「Doll Festival 雛祭り」.

The History of the「Doll Festival 雛祭り」

It is said that the origin of the Doll Festival was from China. In the Heian Period, people would ask Onmyoji to get rid of exorcism. He did so by transferring the misfortune of the person to the doll and made the doll flow down the river. In the Muromachi Period, the Doll Festival was an event celebrated by drinking alcohol and eating rice cakes. In the Edo Period, the sense of exorcism slowly fade and it became a festival where girls would play with dolls. This tradition became famous nationwide.

Types of 「Hina Dolls雛人形」

「Hina Dolls」are decorated to wish girls a healthy long life.

We will now introduce the various types of the Hina Dolls.

衣裳着人形(Ishougi Ningyou)/ Costume Wearing Doll

Ishougi Ningyou/ Costume Wearing Doll

The body of the doll is made from wood or straw. First, the body is made. After that, they put the costumes on the dolls then add their faces. This doll is the representative doll of the Hinamatsuri. The appearance is very gorgeous and the size is bigger than the other dolls.

木目込人形(Kimekomi Ningyou) / Wooden Dolls

Kimekomi Ningyou / Wooden Dolls

The wood is carved to shape like a body. The carved parts are then dressed one by one until the doll is complete. The size is small compared to the costume wearing dolls, but it save much more space. It is also easy to decorate so it is good for a simple Doll Festival decoration.

親王飾り Shinoukazari


An Emperor Doll and an Empress Doll is the only dolls in this decoration. The sizes are small so it is good when you want to save space. It is the recommended decoration for those who do not have much time and space.

三段飾り Sandankazari


The dolls in the decoration includes the Shinoukazari plus the three court ladies. The size and the brilliance is just right, making this the most popular decorating style.

七段飾り Nanadankazari


Nanadankazari is the most luxurious decoration totalling of about 15 dolls. The size is also the biggest and the decoration takes time but the display is overwhelmingly good.

Dishes You Can Eat During The「雛祭り Doll Festival」

During the「雛祭り Hinamatsuri」, other than decorating 「雛人形 Hina Dolls」, there are various dishes you can eat during the festival and each has their own hidden lucky meanings.

Doll Festival

「Hamaguri no suimono (Clam Soup)」is the representative dish of the Hinamatsuri. The clams is a well-known charm to keep a good relationship with your spouse.

Hishi Mochi

「Hishi Mochi)」is a sweets with 3 colors, pink, white and yellow. This dessert is cut into a diamond shape. The meaning of the colors are 「Pink=amulet, White=pure・perpetuation of one’s descendants , Green=Health」.

Hina Arare

「Hina Arare」is the representative Japanese Sweets of Hinamatsuri. This dessert has 4 colors which are Green, Pink, White and Yellow that represent Japan’s four seasons. The dish’s hidden meaning is to have a healthy and long life.

Chirashi Sushi

「Chirashi Sushi」is the classic dish of Hinamatsuri.「Shrimp= longevity、Lotus Root=to predict the future、Beans=so as to be able to diligently live a healthy life」. These are the hidden meanings of every recipe in this dish!

Reaction Overseas

  • Beautiful
  • A Gorgeous Festival
  • Truly Beautiful
  • A Japanese-like Festival
  • So Outstanding That You Cannot Forget About Japan
  • The Dolls are a little bit creepy

like written above, many foreign people surprisingly find this festival quite impressive.