「Groovy Ice Cream GUFO(グルービーアイスクリーム グーフォ)」is located in Osaka’s Kita Horie. The shop is famous for its top level authentic soft ice cream and many people talk about in the internet. In this article, we would like to talk about the basic information’s of GUFO.

What is GUFO?

Gufo Cafe in Osaka

GUFO opened in April 29th, 2016 in the café battleground of Osaka, which is Kita Horie. The access is a 140meters walk from the Yotsubashi Station. The shop is a glass building and people can see the interior of the shop from outside.「GUFO」means owl in Japanese and so a big owl is drawn in the glass wall of the shop. There are 6 seats in the shop, so many customers eat their ice cream outside.

Top Level Soft Ice-cream (Super Rich)

Customers can choose from 2 types of ice cream「Milk(350 yen)、Hazel Nuts(450 yen)」. The toppings customers can choose from are「Caramel Sauce(50 yen)、Crushed Cookies・Chocolate Sauce・Candy Nuts・Crspy Raspberries(90 yen)、Expresso (150yen)」. You can customize your ice cream the way you want to.

Gufo Cafe in Osaka

「Ice Cream(450 yen):Hazel Nuts/Toping(90 yen):Crushed Cookies・Crispy Raspberries」. The Hazel Nuts has pleasant smell and crunchy texture of the nuts is nicely combined with the fluffiness of the Ice cream. This ice cream is quite rich in flavor and this kind of richness is a first time.

「Ice Cream (450 yen):Hazel Nuts/Topping (90yen):Candy Nuts」. This is the combination where you can truly enjoy the scent of the hazel nuts. It also has the same richness and is a recommended menu.

「Ice Cream(350 yen):Milk/Topping(90yen):Crunch Choco」. One of the most famous menu in the shop is this flavor. The richness of the milk and the accent taste of the Crunch Choco makes customers enjoy a simple yet delicious ice cream.

「Tiramisu Mont Blanc Parfait」is a menu that uses a Japanese Chestnut. The combination of the Japanese Chestnut and Coffee creates a balance and is a very delicious ice cream you can not eat anywhere else.  The price is 980 yen.

Gufo Cafe in Osaka

Customers can also choose cute topping designs, such as the reindeer’s antler. This topping is very popular among the ladies due to its very cute visual.

Access Information

Groovy Ice Cream GUFO(グルービーアイスクリーム グーフォ)

Address:Osakafu Osakashi Nishiku Kitahorie 1-11-9 U +Bldg. 1st Floor                  ( 大阪府大阪市西区北堀江1-11-9 U+ビル1F)
Business Hours:Monday~Thursday12:00-19:00/Friday, Saturday, Sunday12:00-20:00
Menu Language:-
Nearest Station :OsakaMetro Yotsubashi Railway「Yotsubashi Station 四ツ橋駅」
Access:140m from「Yotsubashi Station」
Price Range:~999 yen
Payment Method :Cards Are Not Allowed
Phone Number:06-6534-7171
Official Homepage: