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「I wanna know some recommended tourist spots in Gion!」

「What kind of place is Hanamikoji Street?」

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 What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article is a tourist spot in Gion that we recommend, Hanamikoji Street!

Anyone has heard of Gion at least once.

Hanamikoji Street is located south from the Shijo Kawaramachi intersection, after crossing the Shijo Ohashi bridge, in the middle of going to Yasaka Shrine.

You can enjoy Kyoto’s style off scenery as there are old tea shops and restaurants on either side of the roads and in the surrounding area.

There is also an area of luxury restaurants we recommend to tourists that want to enjoy the scenery of the old capital!

Now let’s get right into looking into Hanamikoji Street which is located in Gion!

You Can Feel The Old Atmosphere Of Japan Here!

One of Hanamikoji Streets charm points is the beauty of its old styled scenery.

The streets are carpeted with cobblestone instead of asphalt and there are no telephone polls or modern signs in sight.

Just by walking through here for a bit, you will feel like you’ve slipped through time!

This is also the perfect place to take pictures and videos like a photo shoot in rented kimonos!

There are also kimonos for men so why not travel through time with your loved ones?

Another Way To Enjoy Yourself During The Evening!

During the evening, the lanterns on each shop light up along the main street, creating a fantastical scenery.

You can see real Maiko as they head to long-established restaurants.

If you want to see real Maiko, who are on their way to long-established restaurants, then we recommend going on weekends during the evening to night.

Enjoy The Gourmet Of Hanamikoji Street!

In the neighborhood of Gion, there are many luxurious restaurants that turn away first time customers, but more restaurants where tourists can easily go to have been popping up!

You can enjoy authentic Japanese dishes for lunch or dinner in long established buildings along the Hanamikoji Street.

You can take a breather from walking with some tea then walk and eat afterwards.

There are shops that let in tourists along the main street of Hanamikoji Street, but after lunch we recommend the warabi mochi from “Gion Tokuya”.

The authentic warabi mochi of Gion Tokuya, which uses domestically produced Hon Warabi starch, is very cheek meltingly soft.

If you want real warabi mochi, then look no further than Gion Tokuya!

They’re so popular a long line is made everyday! Why not go to experience the hype for yourself?

Let’s Visit The Historic Tourist Spot【Kennin-ji】!

The Gion area has always been a downtown area, but when you go through the Main Street, you will find a temple called Kennin-ji.

Kennin-ji is famous for its tea rooms and rock garden. It is also affiliated with the Kennin-ji Rinzai school.

There resides the the painting “Wind God and Lightning God” made by Tawaraya Sotatsu which is even in History textbooks!

Every second Sunday from 8p.m., a free zen meditation experience session called the “Senkoukai” is held at Kennin-ji. After meditating, you can also listen to the sermons of the chief priests.

For those planning to visit Kennin-ji on a second Sunday, why not participate in the zen meditation session?

Yasaka Hall Gion Corner

Yasaka Hall Gion Corner

When you go through Hanamikoji Street, there is Kennin-ji, but a little before that are the Gion Kōbu Kaburenjō and the Yasaka Hall Gion Corner.

At the Yasaka Hall Gion Corner, you can experiencing cultural activities such as flower arrangements, tea ceremonies, and the Koto and enjoy the cultural entertainments of Kyoto such as the Kyoto Dance, Gagaku, Kyogen, and the puppet theatre.

We recommend going to the official website of the Yasaka Hall Gion Corner, as you will find the performing times and prices there!

Click here for the official website of the Yasaka Hall Gion Corner!