Arashiyama is one of the most beautiful places in Kyoto, Japan. However, in this article we will not talk about Arashiyama. Instead, we will talk about a cheap yet very delicious wagyu restaurant that is one of the pride of this place, which is STEAK OTSUKA !

What Kind of Restaurant?

Steak Otsuka in Kyoto

The Steak Otsuka where you can enjoy an excellent wagyu meal is located in Arashiyama. You can go to this restaurant by using the Trolley Train and get off at “Saga Station.” From this station, you will walk 5 minutes to arrive. Another way of getting here is by using the walking from the Hankyu Railway and cross the Togetsukyou Bridge. It will take you about 15 minutes walk.

Kyoto is known as the battleground of beef cuisines so the locals have high standard when it comes to good meat. One of the restaurants that impressed not only the locals but also the tourists taste is the Steak Otsuka .

When visiting Arashiyama, come by to this restaurant and enjoy a wonderful wagyu meal at an affordable price!

The charms of STEAK OTSUKA

STEAK OTSUKA is crowded with people everyday. From now, we will introduce as to why this place is loved by so many people!

One of the Few Restaurants That Uses Murasawa Beef

Murasawa Beef in Japan

Murasawa Beef is a kind of Wagyu that is bred in Nagano Prefecture. Only high quality female cows are used and are bred carefully so as not to feel stressed.

Murasawa Beef has received many awards until now. The number of shipment is not very high so it is a beef with great value that you can not eat often.

Such valuable meat can be eaten at STEAK OTSUKA!

The Menu has Plenty of Selections!

Menu of Murasawa Beef in Japan

Judging by the introduction of the Murasawa Beef written above, most might think that it will be very expensive. However, since the menu has a wide selection, customers can choose a menu that fits to their price range.

The most famous menu is the Calvi Bowl Set Menu and it costs 1,600 yen.  For such a cheap price, customers are able to enjoy a very expensive meal!

Of course, for those who only want to fully enjoy the Murasawa Beef, menus such as the Murasawa Beef Sirloin Steak is also available.

There are more menus on the list and if interested, try visiting this excellent restaurant!

Tourists Can Enjoy Their Meal At Ease

The body parts of the beef

There are many tourists who visit Arashiyama. For those tourists who cannot speak or read Japanese, STEAK OTSUKA prepared a detailed menu that is translated in English! The body parts of the beef and the quality of each parts is also written. For this, many customers evaluate the place as a very trusted meat restaurant!


  • Address : 616-8376 Kyotofu Kyotoshi Ukyouku Saga Tenryuji Setogawacho 20-10
  • Phone Number : 075-864-7989
  • Business Hours : 11:00 ~ 15:00
  • Holiday : Thursday
  • Credit Card : not available
  • Access : 5 minutes walk from Trolley Train “Saga Station”  / 15 minutes walk from Hankyu Railway
  • Official Homepage :