This article will introduce reader’s one of the most acknowledged grilled wagyu (Japanese Beef) shop,”Kyou Yakiniku Shin.” 

What kind of shop is the “Kyou Yakiniku Shin?”

Grilled meat in Kyoto

A shop positioned at the famous Kyoto is the Kyou Yakiniku Shin. It’s location is quite excellent that customers can easily get there by only walking 5 minutes from Sanjo Station.

The shop itself has a very expensive atmosphere and it focuses on branded Oumi Beef that is a very well known high quality beef in Japan.

The shop is also published in a famous application in Japan called “ikkyu restaurant”, where only top notch restaurants with exquisite cuisines are listed.

The Charms of the “Wagyu Yakiniku Shin”

Grilled meat in Kyoto


The shop is crowded with customers for consecutive days because of its very famous cuisine, Gyuniku Gekisenku  or in English, Beef Battlegorund. 

Other than this cuisine, we would like to further introduce about what makes this shop very appealing to many customers.

Customers can purchase a whole Oumi Beef!

In Wagyu Yakiniku Shin , customers are able to purchase a whole branded Oumi Beef that was strictly selected based on the very best quality.

Their high quality meat is purchased from a long-run animal husbandry that has been continuing for 3 generations , the Nakagawa Animal Husbandry in Shiga Prefecture.

To be able to buy a whole cow in a restaurant is very rare thing in Japan, making it possible for the customers who bought it to taste even the exclusive part of the meat.

Ideal Place for Special Events

In this restaurant, there are meal courses that are perfect for parties, so many customers can celebrate anniversaries, banquets and many kinds of special events.

For an anniversary event, there is a dessert that is specially prepared for customers to feel satisfied.

If interested in having a party, it is recommended to have a reservation online to choose for the perfect course.

The shop’s special atmosphere

The shop’s interior is extremely extravagant. There are tables and sofas that are designed into a low table style,however , customers are also able to decide what kind of design they prefer depending on the occasion.

Also, for VIP customers, there are up to 7 private rooms they could use if they preferred a relaxing way of enjoying their meal!


  • Address : 605-0086 Kyotofu Kyotoshi Higashiyamaku Yamato Ojidori Sanjogaru 3 Benzaitenchou 26 2F
  • Phone Number : 075-533-2929
  • FAX : 075-533-8666
  • Business Hours : 17:00~24:00
  • Lunch Business Hours : 12:00 ~15:00 (during weekends and holidays only)
  • Holiday : Irregular
  • Seat Number : 78 seats (up to 24 reservations)
  • Usable Credit Cards: (VISA/ Master/JCB/Amex/                                                                                        Diners/DC/UC/UFJ/NICOS/SAISON)
  • Age Restriction : None
  • Child’s Menu : None
  • Children seat : None
  • Dress Code : None
  • All seats are yes smoking

Access Information

  • Hankyu Kyoto Railway “Kwaramachi Station” 8 mins walk
  • Keihan Main Railway “Sanjo Station” 3 mins walk
  • Kaihan Main Railway “Gion Shijo Station” 5 mins walk