For those who are thinking,

「What kind of place is Dotobori?」

「I wanna know some recommended spots in Dotonbori?」

then this article is for you!

Hello! WABI SABI here, to give foreign visitors the information you need in order to further enjoy Japan!

What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce in this article is the symbol of Osaka: Dotonbori!

It is located in between Shinsaibashi and Namba and it has many eateries, leisure facilities, and shopping districts.

In this article, we will introduce the Walk & Eat gourmet and recommended spots where tourists continuously go: Dotonbori!

Let’s get right into it!

Dotonbori Shopping District

Dotonbori Shopping District Osaka

The representative tourist spot of Osaka, among the many charming others, is Dotonbori. You can experience the symbols of Osaka, authentic Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, and Dotonbori’s unique atmosphere.

There are many big and impactful neon billboards that are stretched along the Dotonbori river that are reminiscent of ads seen on TV, in magazines, and webmedia. There are impressionable, big snack package signs and comical dolls in the shopping district.

In such buildings with those signs and dolls, there is an impactful amount of specialty stores such as okonomiyaki shops, takoyaki shops, and cutlet skewer shops.

The History Of The Dotonbori Shopping District

Dotonbori Shopping District Osaka

You may find that visiting the Dotonbori shopping district while knowing how it came to be will bring another level of enjoyment!

Especially, knowing that it was in fact a privately owned area from 1612, used in its upbringing should bring you enjoyment as you walk through Dotonbori while thinking of its history.

While thinking of its history, you may notice that the shops facing the river are designed to be a level down compared to the shops that sandwich the streets on the other side.

The reason for that is due to the river side being used for moving unloading stuff from ships and for people getting on and off boats while the other side had theaters.

The monuments used to bring in customers to the theaters and stages changed along with the periods. They have now become crab monuments and other types of monuments that go along with the theme of the restaurant.

Recommended Gourmet Food

①Dotonbori Takoyaki


There are many eateries, representative of Osaka, that are visited by not only domestic tourists, but also international tourists from all over the world that visit them!

However, the one food that is mostly seen by many, to be eaten while walking is Takoyaki.

Not only can you enjoy the taste that has been built up from years and years of practice that has been popular from the old ages, but you will also enjoy the aromatic Dashi in the dough.

Noting the fragrance of the Dashi, as soon as you take in the takoyaki, you will enjoy its perfect hardness of the outside dough, then the meltingly soft inner texture, and at last the big center piece of squid.

②Tako Senbei

These days, Tako Senbei, which have come from Takoyaki, have been becoming more and more popular. Tako Senbei is 3 takoyaki that is sandwiched between senbei with okonomiyaki sauce generously poured inside.

As it can be eaten with one hand like a sandwich, it is perfect in eating while walking and the compatibility between the texture of the senbei and the takoyaki is perfect!

Furthermore, as the price of one tako senbei is set comparatively lower than the usual takoyaki, we recommend it to those who want to visit the large number shops in Dotonbori.

Recommended Tourist Spots Near Dotonbori

①River Walk

While respecting the history of Dotonbori, in 2004, the River Walk was built in an effort for a better environment.

The River Walk was built in a way to be close to the river while being able to see the giant, neon billboards. If you start from the Nihon Bashi, you can leisurely walk through all 9 of the bridges there.

It is also connected to the backside of eatery shops so you can easily enter the them!

You can  not only enjoy eating and walking along the River Walk and eating at an eatery while viewing the river, but from 11:00 to 21:00 on vacation days, you can board boats that come once every 30 minutes.

As it is a cruise ship and as the night comes closer the neon on the giant signs that are displayed along the river glow vividly, making the scenery for a good date!

②The Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Theater

The one tourist spot that many would like to take a picture of would be in Osaka, which is known as the town of comedy. Namely, the Yoshimoto Shinkigeki theater.

It is a stage that was personally opened by a famous comedy company so it is encouraged for you to take pictures with the displayed mascot characters of comedians from TV.

Ofcourse, you can buy a ticket on the same day and enjoy the comedians that are active across the country and their skillful art of conversation.

③Hozenji Side Street・Sennichimae Shopping District

Houzen-ji Yokocho

Houzen-ji Yokocho

There are also other shopping districts that exist near the Dotonbori shopping district such as the Hozenji sidestreet and the Sennichimae shopping district. There are usually many people from around the area there so you can tour around like you live in Osaka!

Furthermore, as there are many community-based shops such as Ramen shops and Diner shops, we recommend going to different shopping districts during lunch and dinner times.