Japan; known as the Hot Spring Heaven of the world introduces another way to enjoy your bath time, which is 露天風呂 Outdoor Spring Bath. In this article, we would like to introduce more about the charm of this new bath tradition.

What is 露天風呂 Outdoor Spring Bath?

The rising popularity of the 露天風呂 Outdoor Spring Bath makes Japan truly proud.

露天風呂 Outdoor Spring Bath is where people can enjoy their bath outdoors with no walls or roofs.

Of course, even though there are no walls, the place is protected so people outside will not see you.

While there are not much 露天風呂 Outdoor Spring Bath in houses nor apartments, they are available on most public baths and hot springs.



Good Points of 露天風呂 Outdoor Spring Bath !

The charm of the most popular bath in Japan is its sense of freedom and openness!

Because it is located outdoors, even when you dip into the hot bath tub, the upper half of your body will feel the cold air so it can still be very refreshing and you can only enjoy this feeling when using an outdoor spring bath!

Also, when you go to Hot Springs located in Spa Town’s, you are also able to enjoy an amazing view!

In addition, if you go to Hot Springs located at the top of the mountains, you can enjoy the view of the stars. There are also Hot Springs located near the beach where you can also enjoy the sound of the waves.

By going to Hot Springs, you can enjoy an experience apart from your everyday life!



Note of Caution

There are several cautions when using the 露天風呂 Outdoor Spring Bath.

From now, we would like to talk about further details!

Be Careful of Heat Shocks

While you may feel freedom from taking a bath in open air, on the contrary, the bath and the outdoors’s temperature difference is far more intense.

Because of the sudden changes in temperature, even if you try to relax, those who have chronic illness may experience a sudden change in blood pressure which can be risky.

To those who have a weak body and heart, make sure to be cautious and when you feel dizziness or heat shocks, ask for help or assistance as soon as possible!

Be Careful of Fallen Objects

Located outdoors, there are many fallen objects on the floors, such as leaves and small branches.

However, because it is a bathing places, there are no shoes for you to protect you feet.

It is important to be cautious where you walk when taking a bath outdoors.

Moreover, when you are in a Hot Spring located at snowy mountains, there could be snow around the tub area. However, you are not allowed to touch these or let you children play with these because it could lower the temperature of the Hot Spring.

You are also not allowed to bring anything inside the Hot Spring Except your towels.



You can find a 露天風呂 Outdoor Spring Bath in every region of Japan.

If you plan to stay in a Spa Town, there is a high chance to have a privilege to enter a Hot Spring for free around the area.

How about soothing yourself to a Hot Spring bath on the weekends?

It will surely make you energetic and be ready for the next day!!!