For those who are thinking,

「I’ve heard of “Purikura”!」

「What is “Purikura”?」

this article is for you!

Hello! WABI SABI here, to give foreign visitors the information you need in order to further enjoy Japan!

What we, the information brokers of Japan, would like to introduce to you in this article are fun facts and basic info on the popular photo booth activity in Japan, Purikura!

Now let’s get right into it!

Basic Info on Purikura

The name “Purikura” is an abbreviation of “Print Club” and they are photo booths found in certain sections of game centers.

The purikura isn’t a normal photo booth but one that try to make you look more beautiful through the use of beauty editing!

For that reason, it is really popular among middle and high school students with many doing it to save the memory of playing with their friends.

How To Do Purikura!

Purikura is very popular among young people.

However, with the age of smartphones and beauty apps becoming popular, we think the popularity of purikura has gone down.

With that, in this part, we would like to introduce to you ways in which you can laugh out loud and have fun with your friends using the purikura machine!

Even you there! Yes, you! The one who has been using purikura to take admittedly pretty, cute, and/or even cool pictures of yourself! There are many ways to enjoy it than just that!

It’s Not Just For Making Your Legs Long!


Purikura will not only make your face look good, but it will also make your legs longer!

That one feature is all you and your friends need in order to laugh in the end if you use it differently.

The booths that show your legs from your thigh and down are the ones that have this feature.

Now, if you position your face in that space where your legs are supposed to be in frame, your jaw will grow as well, creating a funny picture!

Men, instead of just trying to look cool on your dates, doing something a little dumb to make your girl laugh will definitely work out for you!

You Can Use The Curtain Behind You!


The curtain in the booth is there so you can change the background color and pattern.

However, if you go behind the curtain and pop your head out from behind it, you can take another funny picture for sure!



Purikura is fun to do while taking the picture and after as well. It is also the perfect way to remember the fun day you had with your friends!

However, due to it getting a perfect picture that is really different to how people really look, we feel the rate of people putting up those pictures on social media is going down.

For that reason as well, there are loads of people saying “I look different in this pic” or “I Don’t know how to use the new purikura machines” when they upload the pictures on social media while hesitating a bit.

Let’s hold more confidence in yourselves!

The Purikura is made to give you a cutesy appearance!

Furthermore, by using even one of the ways we introduced when doing purikura, there is no doubt you will be able to have a fun time!