A word that is commonly used by young Japanese people is Bazuru. 

Not only among young people is this word used, but also in the businesses where they use the word Buzz Marketing.

In this article, we would like to explain what Bazuru means and what role it plays in the Japanese SNS today!

What is Bazuru?


Famous applications, such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook are where Bazuru starts. It mostly concentrates on people’s reviews and if a post gets thousands and millions of likes and is shared by many, that post will be called Bazuru.

In Twitter, there are some posts that receives thousands of likes and reposts, right?

Those posts are Bazuru!!

In contrast, a negative post that spread throughout the internet is called Enjo 炎上 , where many people from the internet will attack you.

The Not So Famous Word Root of Bazuru


Bazuru was originally a word used in the Marketing Business and was called the Buzz Marketing. This word then spread over the internet where people made a shorter word for it and made it famous!

The English translation of Bazuru is Buzz. It means that a Bee is Flying Around or A Gossip Is Gathering. 

Stories That Will Easily “Bazuru”?!

If you want your posts to Bazuru, you must share an interesting story that other people would want to like and share!

From now, we would like to introduce stories that are easily shared by many people!

  • Cute Photos or Videos of Animals


Many people feel a sense of peace when they see a cute picture or video of an animal!

Especially videos that has dogs like Shibaken in it, commonly become famous on twitter!

  • Funny Stories


When people see a funny video that made them laugh, they would want to share it to a family member or a friend!

These types of videos do not only become big in Japan, but especially in other countries!

  • Breathtaking Sceneries


When a professional cameraman takes a picture of a breathtaking scenery, many people would save it or repost it.

It is no question why because beautiful things makes people happy!綺

Professional posts like these can also be used in business partnerships.

  • Romance


Many people desire and relate to romance.

When people see romantic videos or photos, they will also feel happiness and would want to share that to other people.

  • Relatable Stories


A post about daily life is very relatable to many that they would want to share it.

There are even posts that only has a simple picture, video or words in it that is shared by many.

  • Pictures of Children


When people see children, they can’t help but smile.

Especially if they are videos of babies that would just bring warmth to your heart! It is no question why many people like these posts!

  • Happy and Positive Posts!


A post about weddings or other happy events also make others happy!

Especially if the wedding is your acquaintance’s special day!

  • The Latest News

Everyone wants to know the latest news, right?

Stories about Idol Groups disbanding ,Celebrity Gossips , Sports or even Crimes,  spread throughout the internet very easily!

Latest News are the type of post that is the easiest story to spread!


A word that is commonly used in Japanese people’s everyday life is Bazuru.

Everyday, we see posts that has many likes and reposts!

How about writing a Bazuru story of your own?

Maybe you’ll find something new and interesting!