Japan has the most advanced technology in the world.  Some techs here in Japan is a bit complicated to use like for example the toilets, air conditioner, print machines and etc.

Using toilets is not that hard to use, but in Japan, people get confused about how to use it because of the high tech things they have.

Japanese toilets have a lot of confusing buttons and panels that are only written in Japanese.

Automatically opening/closing lids

OpenIcons / Pixabay

Some toilets here automatically opens and closes resembling the Japanese tradition of bowing manners here in Japan. The moment you step inside the toilet room it automatically opens up the lid for you and after getting out it closes itself.

Flushing the toilet

There are many ways to flush the toilets in Japan. Sometimes it’s automatic some are remote control buttons and some are sensors. Normally it’s a manual thing like turning the lever down or sideways.

Lever flushing

(大) Dai is for a full flush and (小) Sho is for a half flush

Sensor flushing

Place your hand a sensor and it automatically flushes for you

Remote control button

Push the remote button to flush

Automatic flushing

When your done and stand up it automatically flushes

Explaining the WASHLET

Its a trademark of a Japanese toilet company Toto, it is used for cleaning the toilet seats with a water spray for genital and anal cleansing. When you push the button, which results in water being sprayed from a nozzle positioned at a comfortable angle. You can change the settings for the temperature or the power of the water that comes out or even the directions.

For guys, you push the button (おしり) oshiri and girls (ビデ) bide. Before pushing you should be positioned correctly so you get that duty cleaning.

It”s very hygienic and a good experience for people who travel here in Japan.

Japanese-style toilet

Squat over the opening facing the dome is the right direction. After using the toilet papers you can just throw it directly inside the toilet because the tissues here are water-soluble and can be flushed down.

For girls sanitary goods, they placed small trash cans for it.

Toilet manners

Patience is always everywhere and if there are more people who want to use the toilet than there are more toilet stall available, make one line and wait for your turn before entering or using the bathroom.

DasWortgewand / Pixabay


Sometimes the controls are written with English support and you can use it properly but just in case these are some of the words you might need to remember or understand to have a smooth journey to the bathroom.

おしり Oshiri→ Wash from behind

ビデ Bidet→ Buttons for girls

止まる Tomaru→ Meaning for the stoppage

停止 Teshi→ Meaning for the stoppage

水勢 Suisei→ Water pressure

強 Tsuyoi→ Meaning strong

弱 Yowai→ Meaning weak

流すNagasu→ Flush

音量 Onryo→ Volume (Sometimes there is music in the bathroom)

音停止 Ototeishi→ Stopping the sound

パワー脱臭 Power Dash→ Deodorizer for the toilet

Let me know what you think about Japanese toilets and enjoy your stay in Japan.