アノラーメン製作所 Ano Ramen Seisakusho is one of the most popular ramen shop located at the ramen battleground of Nara, which is Tomio city. It was once introduced in a TV show and has been crowded ever since! In this article, we would to introduce the secrets as to why this ramen shop is loved by so many people!

What is アノラーメン製作所 Ano Ramen Seisakusho?

アノラーメン製作所 Ano Ramen Seisakusho is located at Tomio, Nara and is only 27 meters far from “Tomio Station” making its access very convenient. Around the area of Tomio Station is filled with local shops but is also a popular place filled with famous ramen shops. During the weekends, you must get ready to wait in line because the shop will always be crowded no matter what time you go. On weekdays, lunch and dinner hours is crowded as well. Keep in mind that when it is obviously crowded, it is natural to wait for hours and the shop is not to be blamed. Most customers are group of friends and people going home from work. The shop is not very spacy and only counter seats are available. However, the shops atmosphere is very good and the employees are very kind.


An Original “Tsukemen” That You Can Only Taste Here!

The most famous menus are Kani Soup Tsukemen (crab soup) and Pine Soup Tsukemen (pineapple soup). The Kani Soup Tsukemen has a crab flavored dip where it is also combined with the pig bones. It’s a unique combination, however, the flavor matches very well. The soup in this dish  is very thick and creamy.  The dish uses a homemade straight noodles with a firm texture and it’s quite compatible with the creamy soup. For toppings, they have a roasted pork fillet with a strong pepper flavor and a bit of spiciness.  The price range is 800 yen(singles 150g) ,950 yen (double 300g) and 1,100 yen (triple 450g).

The Pine Soup Tsukemen uses a seafood based dip and is combined with the sourly taste of pineapple. Some might get worried about the dish being sour, however, there is nothing to worry about because the flavor balances very well and most find it very new and delicious. The dish uses the same noodles as the Kani Soup Tsukemen and the price range is also the same.



In アノラーメン製作所 Ano Ramen Seisakusho, there are unique high quality dishes such as Kani Soup Tsukemen and Pine Soup Tsukemen that you can only find in this ramen shop. It is a ramen shop truly worth the wait! When visiting Nara, how about getting a taste of their unique ramen?


  • Address : Naraken Narashi Tomio Kita 1-1-26 Matsumoto Bldg. 1st Floor                        (奈良県奈良市富雄北1-1-26 松本ビル1F)
  • Business Hours : 18:00 ~ till the last train hours
  • Holiday : Irregular
  • Language : —-
  • Nearest Station : Kintetsu Nara Railways “Tomio Station”
  • Access : 27 meters from “Tomio Station”
  • Price Range : ~999yen
  • Phone Number : —-
  • Official Homepage :