This article will be a quick brief of all Kansai train station

Hankyu Railway

Connected to Kita Osaka, Osaka city, Kyoto and Kobe

Hanshin Railway

Connected to Osaka and Kobe

Keihan Electric Railway

Connected to Osaka and Kyoto

Kinki Japan Railway

Connected to Higashi Osaka and Nara, Mie and Nagoya

Nankai Electric Railway

Connected to Osaka city and Minami Osaka, Kansai Airport, Wakayama and Koyasan

Senboku Express Railway

It connects Senboku New Town from Osaka Municipal Subway and Nankai Railway

Hankai Uemachi Line

A train departing from Minami and provides access to Sumiyoshi Taisha and Hamadera Park in Sakai City

Osaka Monorail

Going to Kita Osaka and Osaka International Airport(Itami Airport)

Kita Osaka Express

Connected to Osaka Monorail from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line

Port Liner

Connected to Sannomiya and Kobe Airport

JR West 『Nishi』Japan ( Japan Passenger Railway)

It is an extensive route connected to Kobe, Osaka, Wakayama, Nara, and Kyoto Kinki Circle.

Osaka Metro

The Osaka Metro, which runs underground, covers most of Osaka City and is very convenient for short-distance travel.

Useful Words In Trains

  • 新幹線(Shinkansen) – Bullet Train

Train to use when you go from far places like Tokyo

  • 通勤特急(Tsuukin Tokkyu) – Comuters Limited Express〜
  • 普通列車・各駅停車(Futsuu Ressha・Kakuekiteisha) – Local Train・Local Stopping Train

Train that stop every station

  • 準急行列車(Jyun Kyuuko Ressha) – Semi exspress train

Skip station but not as much as rapid train

  • 快速列車 (Kaisoku Ressha)– Rapid Train

Skip some station more than semi express train

  • 急行列車(Kyuuko Ressha) – Express Train

Stop at even fewer station than rapid train does

  • 特急列車 (Tokkyu Ressha)– Limited Express Train

Stop only at major station

You will see the color indicated for each trains.

Red for Tokkyu

Orange for Kyuuko

Violet for Kaisoku

Blue for Jyunkyu

Black for Futsuu

The maps will be indicated where the trains stops with the color in the maps inside the train or in panels around the station.