Many Japanese people have thought once,” I wonder what foreign people think or feel about Japan?” In this article, we would like to answer this question by directly asking this question to the foreign people themselves!many

Building・Public Transportation


  • The Bullet Train is Amazing

many foreign people were surprised by the technology of the bullet train in Japan. Especially its overwhelming speed and sense of stability moved many foreign people. Mostly even stated that “when touring locally, it is better to use the bullet train rather than the airplane.” It is because the bullet train has fewer accidents which gained the trust of many people.

  • The Buildings are Different from Expectation

Most foreign people has a strong image of Japanese building as modern and futuristic. However, mostly are shocked that they are almost no tall buildings when coming to Japan. Moreover, many foreign people also expect Kyoto to be a place with only old buildings, however, they are only old buildings in tourist places. Many are surprised about this fact.

  • The City is Beautiful

Japan has an imagery of being a suburb area and many tourists are moved by how they are beautifully aligned. Japan is also very clean which many visitors are amazed about.

  • Railways Are Everywhere!

Japan is very convenient due to their easy public transportation. You can almost go anywhere anytime you want and many tourists like this very much. Especially the subways give the visitors an exciting feeling.  Switzerland also became famous for their convenient public transportation!

  • Surprised By The Pachinko

In Japan, Pachinko is a normal thing to see everyday. However, it is a rare sight in foreign countries. Some even see them for the first time in Japan. Many people are surprised by how noisy the Pachinko’s are in Japan and some even go inside out of curiosity.

  • The Fee of the Express Way

Many tourists find it inconvenient to travel by car because the express way fee costs so much that a large amount of money is taken away just by driving. Maybe this is the reason why many love riding the train so much!



  • Less Crime

Japan has fewer number of crimes compared to other countries’ making many foreigners trust the country. It is also said that there is a company that was built in Mexico. Ever since, Japanese people increased and surprisingly the list of crimes decreased!

  • Surprised by the Kimono

Kimono in Japan is usually worn during special days, however, some people do wear them everyday. Many tourists are surprised and become excited whenever they see someone wearing a kimono.

  • Little Could Speak English

Many tourists complain that “Japanese people can’t speak English!!.” Actually, there are many tourists who cannot find their way and ask passerby’s and train workers. However, mostly can not show the way properly which tourists find inconvenient. Recently, signboards that are translated in English are increasing and Japan is working on its way to improve this flaw.

  • They Respect Others

Japanese people has a strong imagery of respecting others which gains many people’s trust. Japan is one of the developed countries and is rising in businesses around the world. Due tot his, they have a good impression and is easy to trust.

  • Negative Thinking

Japanese people are imaged as very moderate people. In fact, foreign people are more straightforward and positive than Japanese people that they are more capable of self-assertion. Also, many foreign people think that Japanese people are too afraid of making mistakes.

  • They Keep Their Promises and Protect The Law

Japanese people give importance to human relations and following the rules and promises of their companies and foreign people respect this aspect very much. Japanese people are trustworthy due to this and many wants to work with Japanese people. Amon them even said that in places where many people have to wait for hour in line, Japanese people will not complain and form a proper straight line. Tourists who come to visit Japan is amazed by this scene!


When living in Japan, there are many things that Japanese people take for granted and think are a normal part of life. However, for foreign people, everything is new and noticeable. The “Images of Japan” that we introduced in this article is just a small part and there are still millions of impressions that are told about Japan. It is important to also view your own country from a tourists point of view. And maybe you will discover something new and exciting!