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【First】What Kind Of Place Is the Umeda Sky Building?

Umeda Sky Building

The Umeda Sky Building is a skyscraper that can be called Osaka’s landmark and is located in the Shin Umeda City.

It is shaped kind of like a Torii so you may have seen it before.

It is 40 stories tall, giving the restaurants on the higher floors a beautiful nighttime view of Osaka.

Here is how to get to the Umeda Sky Building:

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Our Top 3 Recommended Restaurants!

Umeda Sky Building Restaurant

There are many restaurants that we can recommend to you in the Umeda Sky Building where you can enjoy the large city view of Osaka.

Among them, we will introduce to you our top 3 recommended restaurants!

Sky Lounge Stardust

The first restaurant we would recommend to you when wanting to enjoy the night view from the Umeda Sky Building is the “Sky Lounge Stardust”.

It is on the 39th floor of the Umeda Sky Building, where you can definitely enjoy the view.

Their business hours are from 2p.m. to 11p.m.. The last order time for the restaurant is 11p.m. and 10:30p.m. for the bar.

They have table seats and counter seats which you can freely choose where to it at.

You can see the stars twinkling from the table seats or enjoy a tasteful and profound atmosphere at  the counter seats.

They even have an italian course that is perfect for many different kinds of occasions.

You can even enjoy the evening view when the sun is setting and the sky turns to a shade of golden orange.

Then from there, the sky slowly turning to a dark blue is further enjoyable.

They have around 300 types of cocktails with original cocktails such as the “Stardust” and “Sky Laputa”.

They also have 40 types of whiskey. You can also enjoy a nice conversation with the bartender at the counter seats.

If you make reservations 3 days in advance then depending on the reservation condition, you may be able to reserve the bar itself.

You can hold a banquet or other big events with up to 40 people.

Here is the official website for the Sky Lounge Stardust!

Here is the official website for the Sky Lounge Stardust!

Chinese Cuisine Sangu(燦宮)

The next restaurant we would recommend is the chinese restaurant, the Sangu(燦宮).

It is located on the 39th floor and you can enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine.

It is immensely popular as you can enjoy the view while leisurely enjoying delicious chinese food.

Their dinner time starts from 5p.m. to 10p.m. and the last order time is at 9p.m., but they also do lunch.

They serve authentic and very much delicious Canonese dishes using carefully picked ingredients such as shark fin, abalone, and lobster.

They also have rooms which can fit up to 5 people and it is perfect for families or groups who can’t go to high class restaurants all that much due to having children.

You can enjoy the beautiful nighttime view from the room while on nice date or with family for a celebration.

Though, the main dining room has a comparatively different air to the private room space.

During lunch time, the light from the sun shines through and gives the room a spacious feeling, but during the evening and night, the shimmering nighttime view of the city can be seen through the big circular windows.

Not only do they serve chinese cuisine, but they also serve Japanese beef steak!

You can enjoy the deliciousness of their dishes, but you can also enjoy how those dishes look as well.

You can choose whether to go with A La Carte or a full course for any occasion and leisurely enjoy your time making memories.

By the way, this restaurant is also very popular with women.

Here is he official webside of Sangu


Our 3rd recommended eatery is called the “cafeSKY40”.

It is located on the 40th floor on the Kuchu Teien Observatory.

Take note that the business hours start from 10am to 10pm and there is a separate entrance fee for getting into the Kuchu Teien observatory.

This cafe is gaining in popularity as you can enjoy the limited edition coffee beverage that is only sold the Umeda Sky Building.

This original coffee was made from carefully picked beans that are roasted in house which gives the coffee a fresh aroma.

You can also enjoy their alcohol and their food items as well.

Coffees and Espressos are 350 yen, Cafe lattes and Cappuccinos are 400 yen, which is a comparatively reasonable price.

The Umeda Sky Building Waffle is a waffle that is shaped like the building itself. It is also arranged to fit the changing seasons.

They have a wide variety of alcohol on their menu for you to enjoy!

One of their menu items which has been gaining in popularity is the World Beer Selection which is a collection of beer from different parts of the world.

The perfect view along with the best beers from all over the world is a good combination to say the least.

Other than that, there is a wide variety of food items and you can also enjoy soft serve-ice cream and sundaes for dessert.

Although it is a cafe, it runs until 10pm, so you will be able to leisurely enjoy your time viewing Osaka from 40 stories up in the air.

Click here for the official website of cafeSKY40!

Useful Info On The Umeda Area

In this part, we have listed articles we recommend for those who will be touring in Umeda.

Please, go ahead and use this as a reference!

【Umeda Sky Building Observatory】Basic Info About Accessing And Parking