This time, it is an article about “Enkoji Temple (Enkoji)”, which is one of Kyoto’s spectacular autumnal spots.

From basic information such as the time when autumn leaves come to sight, access method, and observation time, we will introduce useful information that can be enjoyed more.


In the case of “Enkoji Temple” introduced this time, the famous Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1601 invited Kanshitsu Genkitsu as part of the * Bunji policy (Bunji Seiji), and Fushimi It is considered the beginning to have opened a school.

It is said that it moved to its current position in 1667, and in the summer, the lush trees that burn in the fall and the colored leaves that are colored to burn in the fall are the highlights of the “Enkoji Temple”.

It attracts and is established as a superb view spot that represents Kyoto.

※ Bunji politics refers to politics that governs the world not by force but by edification or law.

Basic Information

  • In this section, we will introduce basic information such as autumnal information and viewing time of “Enkouji”.Basic information

    Name: Hagikita (Enkoji Temple)

  • Address: 13 Ijoji Odanimachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Visiting time: 9:00 to 17:00
  • Phone number: 075-781-8025
  • Admission fee
  • Adults: 500 yen
  • Junior and senior high school students: 400 yen
  • Primary schoolchild: 300 yen
  • How to access
  • Electric train
    A 15-minute walk from Eizan Electric Railway Ichijoji Station
    About 35 minutes by city bus from JR Kyoto Station
    10 minutes walk from Ijoji Temple Go Matsumachi
  • Car
    About 30 minutes via Meijo Expressway Kyoto Higashi IC via Sanjo Dori, Shirakawa Dori
    Free parking lot: 30 (※ parking lot use prohibition in November)
  • Remarks: There is a special visit for about one week early morning at the best of the fall leaves
  • Official website: ttps://
  • Autumn leaves information

    Beginning to color: early November

  • The best time to see autumn leaves: mid-November to early December
  • Falling trees: maple
  • Recommended viewing spots: A view of the “mid-day garden” from the school.

What to see

The highlight of “Enkoji” is the view of the “mid-day garden” that you can see from the school, introduced in the “Recommended viewing spots” of the above section.

The view that can be seen from this recommended spot creates a scene where the pillar plays a role like a frame and can not be expressed in words.

In addition, the kind of maple tree to be colored leaves may be called maple, and red, yellow, green and other colored leaves can be seen, and you can also enjoy a different scene from other colored leaves spots. It is one of the attraction.


The “Enkoji Temple” introduced this time is not only Kyoto, but it is also a scenic spot that represents Kansai.

Therefore, especially in the autumnal season, many people from all over the country are very congested, as many people visit to see the autumn leaves of “Shonko-ji”.

If you can come by car, it is recommended that you use public transportation, as it is expected that the parking lot will be full and it will be difficult to park your car.

I hope everyone can enjoy fall colors comfortably.

The above is an article about 『Basic information summary of [Kyoto’s autumn leaves] superb spot “Enkoji”』.